Tragic incident in downtown Mérida: A 79-year-old man dies

MÉRIDA.- A 79-year-old man died when he slipped on an aluminum ladder and fell from a height of approximately two meters, when he tried to climb the roof of his home, in downtown Mérida.

He was rushed to the Juárez hospital, where he died shortly afterward from severe traumatism to the head and chest.

The incident occurred on Monday, July 6, at approximately 12 noon in a property located on Calle 64-D between 93 and 95 in downtown Merida, where Carlos P.P., 29, was cleaning the roof of the house.

Suddenly he heard that the owner of the house, William R.H., 79, was climbing the ladder to see how the work was going, but suddenly, he slipped and fell to the ground, hitting his head and chest hard.

Carlos immediately called the emergency number 911.

William was treated by paramedics who transferred him to the Juárez hospital of the IMSS, but soon after his arrival to the hospital, the death of Don William was reported.

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