The Rolling Stones launch “SCARLET” a never before released track with Jimmy Page.

The Rolling Stones launched today, July 22, 2020, the never-released single “Scarlet,” recorded by the Stones in October 1974 with Jimmy Page and Rick Grech. The never-before-released audio track follows the massive success of the recent and acclaimed “Living In A Ghost Town” and will be part of the upcoming multi-format release of Goats Head Soup 2020. “Scarlet” premieres today, July 22.

With its guitar-textured levels, “Scarlet” is as catchy and bold as anything the band played in this sacred era, a Holy Grail for any Stones devotee. In addition to Jimmy Page, Mick, and Keith, the long-lost track also features Rick Grech from Blind Faith on bass and will be released for the first time.

Mick Jagger commented: “I remember improvising this song with Jimmy and Keith in Ronnie’s basement studio. It was a great session.” Keith Richards added: “I remember we came in at the end of a Zeppelin recording session. They were about to leave, and it was our turn later, and I think Jimmy decided to stay. We didn’t plan to turn it into a track, it was basically a demo, a demonstration, you know, just to get a taste of it, but it worked out well, and we decided we should use it.”

The track “Scarlet,” released on July 22, will be part of a compilation box and in deluxe CD and vinyl editions of the upcoming multi-format release of the 1973 classic Goats Head Soup. Also accompanied by two never-before-released tracks, “All The Rage” and “Criss Cross,” plus other curiosities, deleted takes, and alternative mixes. Goats Head Soup, restored to its former glory, will be released by Universal Music in multi-format and deluxe editions on September 4.