Patient arrives dead to IMSS clinic in Umán

UMÁN, YUCATÁN (July 22, 2020).- Despite the efforts of her son, a resident from the Oxholón community, in the municipality of Umán, was unable to get to the hospital on time after presenting difficulties breathing.

On Tuesday, July 21, around noon, the patient presented complications and his relatives asked for help, for which reason officers of the Uman Municipal Police arrived at Oxholón.

Seeing the 50-year-old ECC’s health, the agents determined that his transfer to the IMSS clinic in Umán was necessary.

Uman is located only 26 kilometers (16 miles) west of downtown Merida (INEGI)

JCC, 34 years old and son of the patient, did not wait for the ambulance, drove his father in a private vehicle and took him to the aforementioned clinic.

Upon arrival, a doctor came to check on the patient and realized that he had already died.

Clinic doctors said the cause of death was a heart attack and kidney failure.