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One more time, people in Mérida demonstrate to demand AMLO’s resignation

by Yucatan Times
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Mérida, Yucatán (July 25, 2020).- Members of the National Anti AMLO Front (Frena) carried out a fifth caravan against President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Saturday, July 25.

The caravan started at 5 in the afternoon on the Merida-Progreso highway, at the Xcanatun exit, and went all the way to the Monument to the Homeland.

Interviewed before departure, Ricardo Mendoza Elizondo, Frena’s representative in Yucatan, said that the caravan was held in 217 cities across Mexico and abroad to demand the resignation of López Obrador.

Mendoza Elizondo highlighted that at this point nothing is expected of López Obrador. “We no longer have any hope. Hope is already exhausted. We knew beforehand that he was not the right person for a series of things that we had been seeing regarding the Sao Paulo forum, that is, the communist agenda of Venezuela and some other countries. ”

He added that the protesters no longer expect him to act as president “and much less of a country as rich as Mexico where the most important thing is its human resource and that they (the government) want to have as they have the people in Cuba and Venezuela” .

Those ideas are shared by participants such as Arturo Orozco, who acknowledged being afraid that López Obrador will continue to lead the country. “It is incredible what has failed in so little time to be at the forefront of Mexico and we must not let this continue to happen. If we continue to allow this to continue, Mexico will become a socialist country. ”

He regretted that the federal government has cut 1.8 billion pesos to Health in the midst of a pandemic. “It is something we have never experienced. For the worst governments the current government has had, it is something out of place, ”he said.

“Save Mexico”
Ramón Junco, another participant, indicated that his main motivation is to save Mexico for his children and grandchildren. “We are seeing that the path he is taking is not a really logical path. I agree that we need changes, but you can tell that everything the man says and promises is pure populism. ”

For example, he cited the case of Emilio Lozoya. “The Odebrecht case has already expired, it can no longer be tried, it is over. It is a thing that does not exist. He can’t judge it and he’s giving us atole with his finger (atole is a Mexican drink, and atole con el dedo is a Mexican expression that means someone tries to deceive another person or promise in vain). This man is going to destroy Mexico and I am interested in saving my Mexico. ”

Genny Miranda said that what prompted her to participate in the caravans is that the federal government is destroying various institutions. “A long time, AMLO, who is the president now, said: ‘To hell with the institutions’, from there I said that it is impossible because the institutions are the ones that regulate, the ones that make the rules … and as you know, AMLO’s government has taken away economic resources to support for working single mothers, nurseries, medication for children with cancer. And all of that has a negative impact. ”

Mendoza Elizondo pointed out that Saturday’s was the last caravan, but that the fight is not over.

“We are going to move on to other types of actions from the next fortnight. We want to send a wake-up call to federal and local representatives. Perhaps we will carry out a sit-in peaceful demonstration at the Plaza Grande… we don’t know yet, but it is this type of citizen action that we will continue doing,” he concluded.

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