Omar García Harfuch is already at home recovering from injuries

Omar García Harfuch (Photo: Wikipedia)

Mexico City Security Secretary Omar García Harfuch is already at home recovering from the injuries he suffered during the assassination attempt against him.

He was discharged from the hospital over the weekend and has started rehabilitation therapy that will take a couple of weeks in order to regain mobility and functionality in the extremities that were hit by the bullets.

It will take that time to return to his duties and on Monday, July 6, he announced on his Twitter account that he will return to “work with the greatest determination to continue building the best Police Force in Mexico and fight the organized crime that causes so much damage to our society.”

The CDMX Security Secretary is confident that he will go through the corresponding rehabilitation and physical therapy sessions necessary for a full and speedy recovery. García Harfuch is determined to continue with his duty as a Police Chief.