“Nos está llevando la chingada”. Motul’s Mayor

Roger Aguilar Arroyo, mayor of Motul, said that in his municipality, there are unreported deaths from Covid-19.

MOTUL Yucatan (Times Media Mexico) – In an interview with Luis Fernando del Rincon for CNN en Espanol, the official mentioned that in Motul, there are several deaths from Covid-19, which are not counted.

The official assured the journalist that there is an under-recording of deaths of people who die in their homes. “In Motul, we have 13 deaths counted, which are the ones on the death certificate that died for Covid, there are more than 50 more that leave for other causes, people who have had covid, but they are not tested and die in their homes” he revealed in the interview.

He said that since these people are not part of the death statistics, he is not given the death protocols; in other words, they are not cremated, which causes their relatives to open the coffin and say goodbye to the deceased, generating “more spread of the virus.

Message to AMLO
In recent days, the mayor of Motul, Yucatan, uploaded a video to their social networks to demand support for Mexico’s president. The clip said that the hospitals of the municipality are already overflowing and that, in Merida’s hospitals, do not give them service because they do not have beds. He said, “Nos está llevando la chingada” -We’re fucked here-. (SIC)

The video was immediately viralized by the phrase the official used to refer to the lack of support while the national policy is oriented towards “unnecessary” projects.

Aguilar Arroyo made the Convention Center available to be used as a temporary hospital after noting the clinic’s shortcomings.