“La Gas” plants 4 thousand trees in different points in the north of Mérida

The initiative is part of the 2020 Forestation Crusade

With the planting of 4,000 trees in Merida, “La Gas” gasoline station company closed the 2020 Forestation Crusade. This tree repopulation was possible thanks to the collaboration that the company had with the Merida City Council and the Kanan Kab civil association.

The initiative set a goal of 20,000 trees planted in the Yucatecan capital, and “La Gas” contributed almost a quarter of the goal. There were 40 different tree species that were integrated into the urban environment.

The 4 thousand trees that were planted by “La Gas” are currently located on the ridges of the main avenues of Prolongación Montejo; Altabrisa; Gran Santa Fe; and Chichí Suárez.

“We are very pleased to collaborate with the Merida City Council for the planting of these trees. We are sure that we will soon see a Merida capable of offering a better quality of life to all its inhabitants, ”said León Gálvez García, representative of the company.

He also appreciated the collaboration of the Kanan Kab association and its contribution to improving the quality of life today and for future generations. He recalled that it was that organism that grew the trees that were planted in the aforementioned public spaces.

In addition to planting trees, “La Gas” sponsored the placement of 10 signs to commemorate the Forestation Crusade and communicate the actions carried out to the people of Merida. It should be noted that no volunteers participated in this action in order to avoid social interaction and respect the healthy distance.

The 2020 Merida Forestation Crusade, which ends today, is the largest urban plantation event in the country. It started in June with the rainy season, which largely guarantees the survival of the recently planted trees.

For several years, “La Gas” has stood out for its social responsibility, participating in sponsorships for education, sports, and environmental causes. The company is currently collaborating in safeguarding health with specific support to the Mexican Red Cross.