Kamel Nacif is hiding in Lebanon and Mexico is working on his extradition

The Attorney General’s Office revealed it has located Kamel Nacif Borge in Lebanon. The businessman is wanted in Mexico for his involvement in the kidnapping and torture of journalist Lydia Cacho after she exposed a pedophilia and child-trafficking network in her book The Demons of Eden (Los demonios del Edén).

According to the FGR, the Foreign Affairs Ministry has started the extradition process in the middle-eastern country.

On July 10, Attorney General Alejandro Gertz Manero revealed that one of the persons involved in Lydia Cacho’s case fled to Lebanon but did not mention Kamel Nacif’s name.

However, journalist and activist Lydia Cacho accused Attorney General Alejandro Gertz Manero of lying and said she was the one who located Nacif in Lebanon and that FGR confirmed his location a year ago but has yet to arrest him.

Through her Twitter account, Cacho said Gertz Manero broke the confidentiality clause in her case by revealing Nacif’s location on national radio. She added that Manero’s revelations will help the “torturer and child trafficker to escape from his hideout.”

Lydia Cacho also said that although authorities know where Kamel Nacif, Mario Marín, Karam Beltrán are, they have not been arrested.

In 2019, a tribunal in Quintana Roo issued arrest warrants against Nacif and former Puebla governor Mario Marín after they were both accused of torture.

Days later, federal authorities arrested Juan Sánchez Moreno, a former police chief from Puebla involved in the torture of Lydia Cacho.

Kamel Nacif & Mario Marín
Mario Marín Torres and Kamel Nacif Borge have been on the run since 2019; both are wanted by the Interpol.

Journalist and activist Lydia Cacho has said that the former Puebla police chief, Hugo Adolfo Karam is also wanted by the Interpol: “(The) three of them were part of a network of masterminds behind my torture. I was tortured for giving voice to hundreds of girls and boys who were sexually exploited by a human trafficking network, where Governors, Senators, and businessmen participated to sexually exploit minors.”

Mario Plutarco Marín Torres was the PRI Governor of Puebla between 2005 and 2011. In her book, Lydia Cacho claimed Marín was part of a child pornography network and also accused him of protecting businessmen linked to the case.

Cacho then accused him of persecuting and torturing her. In a leaked phone call between Marín and Nacif, the former Governor admitted he gave Cacho a “smack.”

José Kamel Nacif Borge is a textile businessman. In a phone call with Marín, they discussed Cacho’s detention and torture, and he also mentioned hiring someone to rape her in jail.

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Both Marín and Nacif are linked to a pederasty, exploitation, and child pornography network led by businessman Jean Succar Kuri, which was exposed by Cacho in her book The Demons of Eden.

Puebla authorities arrested Lydia Cacho in 2005 after she published her book The Demons of Eden, where she revealed the existence of a pederasty and pedophile network led by Jean Succar Kuri, and where Kamel Nacif was involved.

Transcript of a phone call between convicted pedophile Jean Succar Curi and Kamel Nacif, where they discuss “fornicating” with a “Miami girl” and buying a plane ticket for a girl in El Salvador, are available online.

That same year, the journalist was arrested in Quintana Roo and transported to Puebla, where police officers beat her and threatened to rape her, as ordered by Kamel Nacif.

A year later, media outlets leaked a phone call between Kamel Nacif and the former Puebla Governor, where they agreed to collude to detain Cacho, torture her, and for her to be sexually abused in jail.

Source: El Universal