Holbox hotels are open, but only with reservations

The Hol Box Hotel Association reported that this measure will prevent an increase in Covid-19 cases.

Starting today, at least 50% of Holbox hotels restart activities, although access to visitors will only be by reservation, a measure that was agreed between the Hotel Association and the local authorities.

Bárbara Hernández, president of the Holbox Hotel Association, commented that the measure is causing annoyance for some businesses on the island, however, it is a measure that will avoid an increase in cases and will allow visitors to have better control and avoid risks.

“It is important to understand that we are still on an orange alert, that the virus is there and we must take the necessary measures, complying with certifications as requested by the Ministry of Tourism and Health and even going further, asking companies for advice to meet higher standards and the purpose is to have fewer cases of people with Covid-19, “he added.

“This measure would apply only for one month and will allow us to live with the “new normal” without saturating the island”, Hernandez said. Although some do not agree with the hoteliers’ representative, it is in view of the economic recovery, but in a health emergency.

Holbox Island (File Photo)

The hotels will start with occupations of no more than 10%, but it is a relief after almost three months of closure some of the hotels called back their employees on June 15th so that they could help with cleaning tasks at least for 15 days, and thus when opening, make sure that they are healthy.

“In fact, the reopening of the lodging centers will be gradual, some will wait until August, but there are cases in which they contemplate opening until December and there are even only two daily crossings that companies will be carrying out for now,” said the president of the hotels association of the island.

According to the Quintana Roo Holbox Tourism Promotion Council, the island has 80 accommodation centers and a total of 1,131 rooms, although only 34 of these lodging centers are registered with the association.