Grumpy Old Men: Mérida senior citizens break all preventive regulations

Mérida “Abuelitos” generate controversy for breaking all preventive regulations on camera.

As it’s been said before, it seems like the population of Mérida is not afraid of the coronavirus and the alarming figures that have positioned Yucatan as one of the states with the most Covid-19 cases in the country.

The image of these two senior citizens was published by Rodrigo C., a user of social networks who exposed the case on his Facebook account.

Both men were not wearing a face mask.
According to Rodrigo, these gentlemen did everything wrong by not following the measures recommended by the Ministry of Health.

But you will wonder what did these old men do? Well, first of all, they are sitting on a park bench, when it is supposed to be forbidden right now due to the health contingency. Then, they both took off their face masks in the middle of the street and one of them touched his eyes with his hands while talking with his partner.

Error # 1.- Taking off the mouth cover

They are not keeping a healthy distance and were sitting in an area that is closed to the public: the park of ‘La Madre’ in downtown Mérida.

This area is closed down, cordoned off with yellow tape, which they not only ignored but they actually sat on top of the tape that clearly says “do not enter”.

Error # 2: Touching his face

On the other hand, one of them placed his soft drink on the floor which is not exactly the most hygienic thing to do, since several experts warn that the virus that causes Covid-19, can be impregnated in the soil for several hours or days and can be transmitted when in contact with contaminated surfaces.

Error # 3: Place the soda on the floor

Given this image and the analysis that was made, these two men went viral due to their lack of responsibility and their lack of criteria to take care of their own health.

The publication has reached thousands of people and has been shared 700 times so far on social networks.