Good news for local agriculture

A Maya farmer in cornfield. (PHOTO:

In Tzucacab, a good harvest is already expected

TZUCACAB, YUCATAN (July 20, 2020).- Small-scale corn farmers indicated how grateful they are to the constant rains, so far there is a good outlook for the corn and vegetable harvest because the crops have developed well.

Farmer Martin Cauich said that rain has fallen without interruption in these months of June and July and that in his case, the corn crops have had a rapid development only one month after they were planted. The corn worms affected their crops, but several are already recovering.

Tzucacacab is located in the southern tip of the state, 145 kilometers (90 miles) south of Mérida (Google)

“In fact, veteran growers commented that the outbreak of the cogollero pest promises a good maize harvest,” he explained.

The rains have been almost even and almost daily during this week. In some “Akalché” lands, the excess humidity is already beginning to affect because rainwater is not filtering quickly.