Every 52 minutes, one person dies of COVID-19 in Yucatán

The Covid-19 epidemic fell had its most critical week in Yucatan, since the first case was diagnosed on Friday, March 13.

Health authorities reported 226 infections and 30 deaths in the last week. With these records, Yucatan reached 8,729 cases and exceeded a thousand deaths.

The week of Monday, July 20-26, was the one with the most detected infections and the most deaths, with 1,371 positive diagnoses and 192 deaths. That is, in this period every 7.3 minutes an infection was confirmed, and every 52 minutes a person lost their life due to Covid-19.

In the 26 days that have elapsed in July, 4,288 infections have been registered (48.1% of the accumulated total) and 548 deaths (54.3%).