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Chlorine dioxide, the dangerous chemical that is touted as a “cure” for covid-19

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The product is controversial and arouses suspicion among the health community. The search for a miracle cure for coronavirus leads many to promote the use of a controversial chemical formulation called “chlorine dioxide” whose side effects can even lead to death.

MEXICO (Times Media Mexico) – Thousands of people have been carried away by a farce. A product known as a “Miracle Mineral Supplement” that has been advertising itself for years as a “remedy” for all kinds of conditions and diseases ranging from dengue, diabetes, and asthma, autism, cancer, and more recently, covid- 19.

Social networks are full of testimonies and videos on how to use the product. However, not a single health institution, in Mexico, the United States or Europe, recognizes it as a medicine. It is no coincidence that now that the covid-19 pandemic is raging the world, it appears again as that miracle cure capable of stopping the virus.

The list of dangers of chlorine dioxide is long, and various authorities have issued strong warnings against its use. The last to do so was the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the United States). In its statement, says: “There is no scientific evidence to support its safety or efficacy, and it presents considerable risks to the health of patients.”

What is chlorine dioxide?
Chlorine dioxide is a 28% solution of sodium chlorite in distilled water. It is used as a bleach and to decontaminate industrial surfaces, as it resembles bleach or chlorine. Simply put, it is a commercial disinfectant, and as such, it should never be ingested.

The US agency FDA has reported that drinking this mixture has caused severe and life-threatening side effects. Similarly, its effectiveness against the virus is non existent.

Deadly side effects
In its reports, the FDA has mentioned cases of people who experienced severe adverse events after taking a chlorine dioxide product, including vomiting and severe diarrhea, respiratory failure, acute liver failure, abnormal heart rhythms. Other people reported rapid destruction of red blood cells, something that requires a blood transfusion to heal.

The FDA in the United States and the Secretary of Health in Mexico have expressed their concern and ask to be careful with websites and stores that sell products that claim to prevent, alleviate, treat, diagnose or cure COVID-19. There is currently no cure for coronavirus. Many of those who consume this product takes time to seek appropriate medical treatment, which can aggravate the disease, and even so, YouTube and Facebook are full of videos of people who say they have been cured thanks to this solution, which attributes antimicrobial, antiviral properties. And antibacterial. Above all, coinciding with the coronavirus pandemic, the testimonies are now focused on miraculous virus recoveries.

“At one point, I started getting intermittent fever for a week. I was feeling exhausted. I had general discomfort, pain behind my eyes, and in my head. Within a week, I had neither taste nor smell,” says one person in a Facebook video, naming one of the possible effects of patients infected with the coronavirus. “I only started to get better with MMS,” that is, with chlorine dioxide. Is there any way to verify the integrity of said testimony? Of course not.

The Church of Genesis II
In April 2020, the FDA sent a warning letter to the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, after a judge ordered the sale of this mineral solution to be stopped. The manufacturers of this “miracle cure”, also known as the “Church of Chlorine” who started promoting the “Miracle Mineral Solution” against Covid-19 in the US.

In the court order, the United States authorities urged to immediately stop the consumption of these mineral solutions and sodium chlorite products under the names of Miracle or Master Mineral Solution, Miracle Mineral Supplement, MMS, Chlorine Dioxide Protocol ( CD) and Water Purification Solution (WPS).

Cases of health damage caused by the use of MMS have been reported in various parts of the world for more than a decade.

Cases of health damage caused by the use of MMS have been reported in various parts of the world for more than a decade.

Not only the United States FDA and the Mexican Health Secretariat have demonstrated against these miracle products, but also, the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products issued a health alert against the product in 2010 that today.

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