Central American Fashion Trends So Far This Year

Some of the most beautiful and fashionable women in the world are in Central America, and their images and trends are influencing the rest of the world through social media. The region has a rich and diverse cultural heritage that has shaped the fashion sense of the people living there. The following are some of the top Central American fashion trends we are seeing so far this year.

1. Costume Jewelry

Popular trends in costume jewelry include delicate gold vermeil necklaces with symbolic pendants, such as a moon, stars, or a lock and a key (see more at Adina’s jewels). Drop earrings are a perennial favorite, and the current trend is to dangle two or more from each ear. For men, the latest fashion is to wear beaded bracelets made from natural gemstones like onyx, tiger eye, or hematite. Men are also wearing leather bracelets with multiple strands wrapped around their wrists.

2. Embroidery

Embroidery has a timeless appeal, and in Central America, it has a long history as a domestic art. Each region of Mexico, for example, has characteristic embroidery styles that identify the origin of a textile. Modern boutiques are full of dresses adorned with embroidered patterns that reflect the influence of indigenous cultures. Floral and vine patterns are common as are geometric motifs, and they are often used to border a skirt. An especially popular trend this summer is a black or white blouse or tunic embroidered with richly colored floral designs.

3. Off-The-Shoulder Dresses

Recently, the cold shoulder look was a popular trend. An off-the-shoulder dress takes that look a step further, leaving the shoulders and upper chest completely bare while still covering the arms with full or partial sleeves. An alternative to sleeves a ruffled neckline that fits across the upper chest and upper arms, revealing the shoulders and leaving the arms mostly uncovered. This somewhat daring and flirty trend is popular this summer in southern cities like Merida and Cancún.

4. Warm And Vibrant Colors

The trendiest colors for women’s tops and dresses are warm hues, ranging from yellow and goldenrod to tangerine and red. These bold, saturated colors create a look infused with drama and passion. Bright, solid colors in warm tones are popular this summer, especially when worn with a signature piece of jewelry, but we’re also seeing a lot of floral prints combining many colors.

5. Summer Whites

Although color is trending right now, so are summer whites. Dresses and tops in shades of white from old lace to ivory to pure white are perfect for daytime and evening wear, and they are ideal travel clothes. Cool, clean, and feminine, white clothes combine with any accessories, and there’s nothing like a flowing white dress for an evening walk along the beach.

6. Feminine Flair

Latin American fashionistas emphasize feminine touches in women’s clothing. For example, ruffles are making a big comeback lately, and we’re seeing them everywhere. They add texture to sleeves, skirts, and necklines, and they add a feminine softness to any garment. Another way women are making fashions extra feminine is to add lace wraps or shawls around their shoulders, evoking the traditional lace mantilla brought to Central America from Spain.

Fashion is a form of art and self-expression, and even in choosing which trends to follow, you’re making a statement about how you see yourself and what you value. These trends from Central America may inspire to make your own wardrobe more colorful, vibrant, and feminine.