Campeche mayor exposed on social networks without mouth cover

While the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) and the Ministry of Health in Campeche insist that “the correct use of the mouth mask prevents COVID-19 contagion”, the city mayor Eliseo Fernández Montufar, exposes the Campechanos by omitting its proper use and inciting his followers on social networks to copy his negligent actions, as published by El Heraldo de México newspaper.

The Campeche mayor is characterized by maintaining direct contact with citizens, including people with disabilities, pregnant women, and senior citizens, who are part of the vulnerable group.

His way of working makes him an unconscious transmitter of the virus, which is why it is necessary to use adequate protective equipment to avoid community contagion, however, it is common to see on his social networks the constant meetings he holds with citizens who are at risk for omitting the use of the mouth cover and/or protective mask, among other measures.

Especially, when the number of infections in the municipality of Campeche soared in recent weeks and already exceeds 1,600 cases. In addition, there are records of 406 deaths and 3,987 COVID-19 infections throughout the state.

Eliseo Fernández is an aspiring candidate to the governorship of the state of Campeche, for the National Action Party (PAN).