AMLO made his bet for the US 2020 presidential election

Although President López Obrador’s visit to Donald Trump drew criticism and concern, it later became clear that the diplomatic visit was well executed. The planning and coordination tasks were carried out by Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard; Martha Bárcena, the Mexican ambassador in Washington, and the staff from the foreign service, who made sure everything went smoothly.

It was said that the visit to the White House would be used for electoral purposes by Donald Trump, who would try to lure Hispanic voters and attempting to erase his previous negative image of Mexico.

What President López Obrador said in Washington and his recognition of Trump could be interpreted as a vote for Republicans, with whom the Mexican government is hoping to continue to collaborate for the rest of López Obrador’s presidency.

We also have to recognize that President Trump behaved and was able to put his personal opinions to the side, which have previously effected his relationship with other presidents who have visited the White House.

The diplomatic work carried out in Mexico was outstanding, which showed that there is a good relationship between both governments or that at least they have been able to get over their differences, especially Trump’s aggressive start as President of the U.S.

However, Democrat contender Joe Biden reminded Andrés Manuel López Obrador that Trump started his presidential campaign by calling Mexican migrants rapists and criminals. Trump also accused them of being one of the biggest problems for the country and proposing a series of policies to deport them and vowed to build a wall between Mexico and the U.S., which would be allegedly paid for by Mexicans.

Meanwhile, Tom Perez, the president of the National Democrat Committee, criticized Trump for attributing the USMCA to himself, especially when it was the Democrats who defended it and its benefits, while Trump called it a “disaster.”

Perhaps the Mexican President and his team should pay attention to Democrats and try to balance their bets on foreign politics as things could always take an unexpected turn. Meanwhile, López Obrador took a chance.



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