After two years, Mexico resists. Op-ed.

Op-ed by Pablo Hiriart for El Financiero

If we look at the results, instead of celebrating the second anniversary of the lopezobradorism’s triumph in the presidential elections, a national mourning should have been declared, and the flag should have been raised at half-mast in the capital’s Zócalo.

Except for one detail, extraordinary, and for many unimaginable two years ago: Mexico has resisted.

What was seen as an unstoppable wave, destined to drown everything, has not been able to subjugate, nor will it be able to perpetuate itself in the National Palace.

The project of handing over all power to one man is failing. His re-election is dead.

Despite the differences and the wounds of a monumental defeat two years ago, the political opposition did not throw itself into Morena’s arms as feared. It has regrouped. It did not disappear.

In Congress, the opposition is closing ranks and fighting together, not to obstruct the positive, but to curb despotism.

The Supreme Court continues to be a counterweight to the President’s unconstitutional blows, even though they have made and will continue to make every effort to submit it to the Executive, including coercing ministers.

Despite the daily campaign led by the head of the Executive to discredit, intimidate, suffocate economically and destroy morale, a large part of the press and the journalistic guild have resisted.

Through the media, society has been informed and explained the totalitarian attempts of the most powerful President in many decades.

An active part of society has been vigilant in ensuring that institutions do not bow to the onslaught of the government’s propaganda and blackmailing apparatus.

There is still much to live, see and suffer, but Mexico resists.

The damage that will be caused by workerism will be historic, increasing poverty and inequality.

The deterioration of employment is brutal.

Criminal violence is growing, and the President has more empathy with the criminals than with the victims.

The economy is collapsing because they drive away investment and kill confidence.

López Obrador is betting that Trump will get us out of the economic hole.

His contempt for science, health, and research is reflected in the Budget.

The violation of the rule of law is our daily bread.

The coldness towards human pain seems to have no limits. Children with cancer are not yet provided with the medicine. Doctors and nurses who catch Covid due to criminal “savings.”

Criminals who are arrested go free, and some significant drug, crime, and extortion cartels ostensibly enjoy presidential favor.

The damage in employment is severe and, in lives, irreparable.

But they are going to go away. They are not going to win the next election because they have not been allowed to wipe out the opposition, and the population is demanding united opposition in the face of greater danger.

The perversity of the government managed to unite the opposition and opened the eyes of the ministers of the Court, who once were with López Obrador.

As intelligent people, they already dimension the size of the crisis caused by the corrupt administration, and they know that López Obrador is going to leave, and they are going to stay.

The attempt to prolong the mandate of a Baja California governor failed to set a precedent and eternalize AMLO in the Presidency.

That maneuver was forged and operated from the Secretariat of the Interior. It was commissioned, and it did not happen. The Court stopped it. And Mexico resists.

This week AMLO and Morena wanted to call an extraordinary session to, “among other” issues, give the President the power that the Chamber of Deputies has to approve the Budget.

López Obrador wanted, employing a legal initiative that the legislators renounce their private function in budgetary matters and leave the President the power to dispose of public resources as he sees fit.

The opposition deputies (PAN-PRI-PRD-MC) voted, en bloc, against, and managed to add some deputies from Morena.

Let’s go ahead with the T-MEC laws, but in no way to give one man, López Obrador, the power that belongs to the legislature. Still, Mexico resists.

The coup against the INE is coming, it was announced.

Once again, Mario Delgado, and a good part of his party, will do everything possible to dynamite the institute’s autonomy by appointing resellers as advisors, giving back to the Executive the task of organizing and monitoring the elections.

That is what Lopez Obrador wants to close the INE, to watch over the elections. He will not be able to since not even Morena has the consensus to carry out this assault on the electoral body. Mexico is resisting.

Trump-style, learned from that evil polar star who was his mentor, Roy Cohn, López Obrador covers the media and communicators with slander to undermine his public prestige and then, when the time comes, he annihilates them.

Very few of those attacked by AMLO have bent over, and a sector of the press continues to uncover the lies of the regime that hides dead people and makes up for its unprecedented botched handling of the economy, security, and jobs. Mexico resists.

The PRI, which from old age knows best, no longer runs to join forces with Morena. Contrary to expectations, it will not disappear this time either.

The discredit of Morena and the manifest totalitarian inertia of the President of the Republic has made them reflect, or take a step forward.

According to their national leader, their ten, twelve, or 14 points will be on the ballot for making alliances with the opposition parties with which they’ll reach agreements.

The lopezobradorism will mistreat the country and its citizens, but eventually, they will leave. He will finish his term and will have to say goodbye.

The nation, on the other hand, will survive. It has shown in these two dismal years that it deserves a flag at half-mast.

Mexico is resisting.

For El Financiero
Pablo Iriart