MÉRIDA, YUCATAN (July 21, 2020).-” In the next few days, there could be a cyclonic development in the Gulf of Mexico, so the population has to be very aware of that situation”, declared meteorologist Juan Antonio Palma.

For this Tuesday, July 21st, a vortex in higher levels of the atmosphere would be inducing an extensive trough to the east of the Gulf of Mexico and tropical wave number 19 is going to move and generate an increase in the intensity of rains and thunderstorms in all the Yucatan Peninsula.

By Wednesday, July 22nd, tropical wave number 19 would already be on the Yucatan Peninsula, and “there could be a cyclonic development, although the possibility is still low,” he explained, but it will be causing major storms.

On Thursday, July 23rd, the possible cyclonic formation would be moving northwest.

“In this way, people must be very attentive and informed about the weather in the coming hours”, meteorologist Juan Antonio Palma concluded.