A 22-year-old woman ends up stuck in her fence

UMÁN, YUCATAN (July 16, 2020).- In her desperation to enter her house when she arrived after the “curfew”, a 22-year-old girl ended up stuck in her fence.

The events occurred on Thursday, July 16, around 10 at night, during the “curfew”, when the young D.V.C. 22 years old, returned to her home located on Calle 18 (between 25 and 23) Colonia Centro, in Umán, Yucatan.

Uman is located only 26 kilometers (16 miles) west of downtown Merida (INEGI)

Trying to enter the house before the authorities see her, she began to scream to call her family to open the door, but they never responded.

Desperate to see the minutes pass, the young woman decided to jump the fence and enter her home; however, she slipped and ended upside down with a leg stuck in the fence.

Immediately, the screams of pain and anguish of the young woman woke up the next-door neighbors and family members, who left their homes and ran to her rescue.

Her relatives notified the emergency services; and so agents of the municipal, state police, firefighters, and paramedics arrived at the scene.

Later, she was transferred to a hospital in the city of Mérida for her care, apparently, she fractured a bone.



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