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AMLO holds press conference at presidential hangar

by Yucatan Times
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Four days after its arrival, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador chose to hold the morning conference in the presidential hangar, where TP-01 presidential plane will be protected until the sale process is closed.

“For the avoidance of doubt or misinterpretation, the purpose of holding this conference with the airplane in the background is to make known to the people of Mexico how the country was mismanaged, how there were unnecessary excessive luxuries in the government throughout the neoliberal period”, AMLO said while opening today’s “Mañanera” press conference.

“The people were turned away, especially the humble people, and the high officials lived a life of privileges. It was a government of the rich, for the rich, with poor people ”.

He recalled that the plane was going to pay 7 billion pesos, and the cost of maintenance and travel means around 150 million pesos.

“This hangar cost almost one billion pesos to store the plane. Here I open a parenthesis to inform the people, that due to the other business the previous administration had planned in the construction of the new Texcoco airport, the airport was going to be closed and the hangar dismantled,” AMLO continued.

The Chief Executive stressed that now it is no longer a government at the service of a minority but at the service of the people.

“And I know very well that my opponents do not like this. I apologize for the inconvenience my words may cause you, but it is time to say “that’s enough”, it’s time to end corruption and continue advancing with the transformation of Mexico, a true change where we can all live with justice,” AMLO added.

Currently, there are two companies interested in acquiring the “José María Morelos” – a name AMLO considered a mockery because Morelos always talked about moderating opulence.

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