Yucatecan fishermen say there should not be foreign competition in the state

The president of the federation of fishing cooperative societies of the western center of the state (sociedades cooperativas pesquera del centro poniente del estado), José Luis Carrillo Galaz, reported that they disagree with the federal government that allows the importation of fish from other parts of the world, which are sold in commercial chains throughout the country affecting local fishermen.

He said that in the case of Yucatan there is enough grouper, and other species of fish, as well as octopus to supply the entire state and for sale in commercial chains, but unfortunately food from the Yucatan coast does not have entry into self-service stores, and instead these businesses give preference to imported products.

Carrillo Galaz stated that it is not good for the local fishermen, the fact that the SAT allows a public tender for Mexican businessmen to import fish and shellfish from abroad to supply the country’s commercial chains.

He considered it wrong that species of fish can come from other parts of the world, and there is not an opening for the species that Yucatecan fishermen catch, especially regarding endemic fish species that are abundant in our state, so it is not necessary to import to meet local demand.

“There is a need to promote a culture of fish consumption in the state, the demand should not only be in Lent and Easter, but throughout the year, there are enough species, such as grouper, octopus, to be consumed by the population and not only in this season of the year”, Carrillo Galaz said.

Finally, the leader of the local fishermen maintained that in 15 days the lobster catch begins, beginning on July 1, ending on February 28, 2021, the goal is to reach 650 tons of the crustacean, an activity that involves around 2,000 fishermen.