Yucatan will save 1.5 billion pesos in debt for Museo del Mundo Maya

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN.- Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal will send this Friday, June 26, a decree initiative to the Yucatan Congress, to modify the contract for the service provision project of the Great Museum of the World in Mérida, which will save 1,500 million pesos of the onerous debt paid by the Yucatecans for this work.

In a message to the Yucatecans this afternoon, the president announced that he achieved this debt reduction after long negotiations with the companies involved, Banorte bank and the Yaxché Cultural Promoter.

This museum was built during the administration
from the former Governor Ivonne Ortega Pacheco, and it compromises the state finances for a period of 20 years. With the agreement reached, around 1.5 billion pesos will be paid in the next 12 years.

To proceed with the legal implementation of this reduction, today an initiative of decree will be sent to the State Congress that authorizes modifying the contract for the service provision project, which will have attached the letters of intent from Banorte and Promotora cultural Yaxché.

The Governor asked the local representatives to approve this initiative as soon as possible because the terms on the original contract have already been renegotiated and therefore urges its termination to obtain the benefits negotiated in common agreement with the creditor companies.

The authorization of the Congress will allow to terminate the contract in advance, and save up to 1.5 billion pesos.