Yucatan state government delivers medical equipment at IMSS

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN (June 16, 2020) .- As part of the institutional coordination in health matters, the State Government delivered to the Yucatan delegation of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) that is part of the federal government, modern medical equipment and protection gear to be used by its hospital personnel, in order to contribute to the strengthening of the capacity to care for COVID-19 Coronavirus patients.

By order of Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal, the head of the State Health Secretariat (SSY), Mauricio Sauri Vivas, granted the IMSS delegate in Yucatan, Miriam Victoria Sánchez Castro, 30 ventilators, and 30 vital sign monitors to reinforce equipment in their hospitals.

In addition to the above, the State Government also provided 2 video laryngoscopes, 300 kits of personal protective equipment, which contain overalls, mouth masks, gloves and hats; as well as 50 ventilation circuits, which are essential supplies and tools for the timely assistance of people with respiratory complications, whether they are in critical condition or undergoing respiratory therapy.

These are high-tech devices that are used in people with Acute Respiratory Disease (ARD). They are 100% computerized, collect patient’s information, such as their age and pathologies, and this allows the equipment to automatically program the respiratory support requirements that the patient needs.

In turn, the video laryngoscope units are portable and have a high-resolution screen. In addition, it allows the extraction of videos and photos via USB and has an adapter to charge the battery and a briefcase for safekeeping and safe transportation.

While ventilation circuits are essential components in the environment of the patient with mechanical ventilation who are in intensive care, they are part of this delivery to strengthen the areas of care for people with Coronavirus.

The devices and supplies delivered are part of the acquisitions that the Government has made in advance due to the shortage of these equipment in Mexico and in the world due to the Coronavirus contingency, all in order to be able to provide timely attention to the Yucatecans that require it.

All the equipment that the State Government is acquiring are authorized by the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris), the body responsible for all actions in the field of sanitary regulation, control and promotion of products, establishments and industrial activity.