Why is SEMARNAT exempting the Maya Train from an Environmental Impact Study?

A MIA is a technical-scientific Environmental Impact study that indicates the effects that a project or work can cause on the environment and human health, in addition to pointing out the preventive measures that could minimize them.

It allows evaluating the environmental feasibility for the execution of industrial investment projects, infrastructure, manufacturing, shops, or services.

The study is presented to the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), an agency that decides whether or not to allow the project before the start of the works.

The Mexican Civil Council for Sustainable Forestry analyzed that “the act of authority by which Semarnat exempts the Maya Train project from the obligation to present an MIA, under the argument that it is only about the maintenance of the tracks built 80 years ago, which is unacceptable.

The project of Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Railroad (…) of 726.22 km of track in 4 thousand 205.80 hectares and includes “the dismantling of 78 sections of track, the rehabilitation of drainage works, the placement of gutter for optical fiber, the replacement of sleepers, rails and track stabilization, [as well as] the rehabilitation and maintenance of existing railway stations ”.

We only hope that there are no consequences to regret for taking decisions in a hurry, as the government is determined to make one of its flagship projects a reality.

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