While AMLO romanticizes poverty people truly begin to go hungry

For millions of Mexicans, the period of confinement represents scarcity in the face of the impossibility of work.

MEXICO CITY (Times Media Mexico) – For millions of Mexicans, the period of confinement represents scarcity in the face of the impossibility of work.
While President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is romanticizing poverty, thousands of people suffer from hunger due to a lack of resources to obtain food. Says Daniel Gerardo López, owner of a mechanical workshop in Cuautitlán Izcalli in the state of Mexico.

Daniel employs four basic mechanics and sometimes requires up to 2 or 3 assistants when the work is loaded. Since mid-March, they have been without income, as the workshop had to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, they are not the only ones affected by the confinement and closure of non-essential economic activities since other businesses, such as spare parts, car washes, and others, also depend on this type of business.

Given the lack of liquidity, Daniel was able to support the four employees for only two months. That’s all there is to it. Since May, he has had to find some way to earn some money so that his family can eat. Both he and his employees are desperate to open up and earn money for food. The power has increased, and he is desperate because he does not have the money to pay, and he is afraid of being cut off.

“The income was zero, and I had to do everything to earn a few pesos, even as a gardener.” Says Daniel. “López Obrador is a liar. I voted for him… he is no different from the other politicians. All liars and thieves”.

In Kimbilá Yucatán, in the municipality of Izamal, the artisan Margarita Cob Tún has had to almos give away her artisan work. She’s had to clean houses, fix hammocks and hold raffles to have resources to eat. Her mother, an older woman, and a nine-year-old girl depend on her.

In Merida Nayeli, worked for a traditional Yucatecan food restaurant. Her job was to make tortillas by hand. The restaurant closed, and they didn’t pay for the downtime. Nayeli is responsible for her three children and her mother.

For both women, confinement represented scarcity, one in the face of the impossibility of selling their product, and for the other, unemployment. Both suffered from the indifference of the authorities who offered credit, but neither succeeded in obtaining support.

Both women have had to put their lives on hold, find ways to earn some money, and look after their own. Faced with the impossibility of selling their crafts, and the other of working in the restaurant, both women have dedicated themselves to squandering their talent on social networks, organizing raffles, cleaning houses, or pawning some good.

Neither woman gives up, and both -without knowing each other- think alike: “That government support here in Yucatan is just stories. They were supposed to support those who have the least; you know who won it? Pure friends of MORENA. Everyone I know who received groceries or money is a MORENA supporter. Maybe (Mauricio) Vila was already sold or already jumped. “Lopez Obrador failed us… he lied to us. He’s a liar.”