The rains from the remnants of tropical storm Amanda (formed in the Pacific) have caused the formation of waterfalls running down the hills of the southern municipality of Tekax, where the waterfall known as “La Bomborota” has already taken shape. This occurs every time there is really heavy rainfall in the region.

This situation occurs every now and then, and although it is common to a certain extent, it does not cease to amaze locals and visitors.

The prolonged and intense rains provoked by tropical storm Amanda are already causing runoff from Central America to the lower parts of southern Campeche and Quintana Roo.

Experts recommend monitoring the communities in the Southern part of the state, which are prone to floodings, such as Escondido and Tigre Grande, in the municipality of Tzucacab, Yucatán.

It is expected that in the next few hours the remnants of Amanda, who are already over the sea in the Bay of Campeche, will give rise to the formation of another tropical cyclone that would bear the name of Cristóbal, which would be the third storm on the list of the Atlantic hurricane season 2020.

The depression in the Gulf of Mexico will form in the following hours. There is already 90 percent probability, reports the Miami National Hurricane Center.