Virtual gay-pride grand finale this Sunday in Mérida

In order not to neglect the presence of the movement in the fight for equal rights for all people in the state, the March for Sexual Diversity in Merida will take place virtually this Sunday, June 28 with a variety of activities, reported in an interview for Quadratín, Alfredo Candiani, president of the Organizing Committee of the Festival of Sexual Diversity in Yucatan (Fesdy).

As every year, the program of activities started on May 17, but this time it was a Virtual Pride, which will conclude this Sunday, June 28, the day that LGBT Pride (lesbian, gay, bisexuals, transsexuals), also known as LGBT Pride Day.

The organizers began the preparations for the celebration with a view to an event similar to that of other years, in public spaces with crowds of many people, however they were taken by surprise by the situation that currently exists due to the Coronavirus and that forced them to modify the presentation of the activities they had already planned.

The whole Gay Virtual Pride 2020 was broadcasted online and today Sunday, June 28, is the grand finale!