ULTRAMAR and WINJET raise their transportation rates in Cozumel

Many residents of the island of Cozumel have complained about social networks about the increase in rates that they consider abusive.

Once again, the company Ultramar dealt a severe blow to the people of Cozumel by exorbitantly increasing its rates to both locals and visitors, in the midst of a pandemic, when the economy is very worn out.

Of the two companies, Overseas, it was the one that was most cruel to the economy of the people of Cozumel. The Winjet company also made an increase or adjustment to its rates somewhat lower than those made by Overseas.

These are the new Ultramar rates:


Adult $ 250 Single / $ 500 Round
Minor $ 200 Single / $ 400 Round

Quintana Roo Plan
Adult $ 150 Single / $ 300 Round
Minor $ 100 Single / $ 200 Round

First class
Single $ 310 / Round $ 600

Adult $ 90 Single / $ 180 Round