Two points identified as the most contagious of Covid-19 in the capital of Quintana Roo

Authorities warn that the infections traffic light could go red because of the increase in cases.

CHETUMAL Quintana Roo (SIPSE) – An internal report from the Health Ministry reveals that 60 percent of the almost 300 Covid-19 infections reported in the city of Chetumal occurred at banks and the Ignacio “Manuel Altamirano” market.

The data were obtained through territorial proximity analysis tools, using information from interviews with the patients themselves. Their mobility in the last 14 days was taken into account, as well as the location of the sites where most of them converged.

6 out of 10 of this recent group of Covid-19 patients revealed that they respected the quarantine measures imposed by the health authorities during the last three months. The only places where they went out in large numbers were the bank branches in the city center and the “Ignacio Manuel Altamirano” market.

At the cut-off on June 25, 68 people who tested positive for Covid-19 had a common point known as the old market.

Just a few days ago, the municipal president himself, Otoniel Segovia Martínez, had declared that several tenants had tested positive for this type of coronavirus, so it was being tested for temporary closure.

As for the banks, 75 of the sick people revealed that they had more contact with several people in the first days of June as they went bank to apply for a loan or make a cash withdrawal. Between one and two weeks later, they began to present the symptoms of the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the rest of those infected admitted that since the Federal Government declared the “return to new normality,” they returned to their daily activities, so it is difficult to identify where they could have been infected.

In his June 26 broadcast, Governor Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez said that given the rapid increase in the number of cases in Othon P. Blanco, it is likely that the region will move back to red lights in the coming days, to limit the mobility of people and contain the disease.

Meanwhile, the Health Ministry’s latest report reveals that this June 27, 336 Covid-19 cases are active in the Othon municipality, having the highest hospital occupation in the entity, with 40 percent of its capacity.