UAYMA, YUCATAN (June 3, 2020) .- Two minors, one 13 years old and the other 12 years old, drowned in an “Aguada” (small lagoon), in the Santa María Ana rural community, where they went swimming with eight other children.

According to the police report, 10 children left the rural community of Santa María Ana and went to a watering hole, located one kilometer, to swim.

However, ten went into the water, but only eight of them came out, since Venustiano, 13, and Carlos, 12, who were cousins, disappeared underwater.

The other children, seeing that they could not find their friends, ran to the town to inform their parents of what had happened. And according to what was found out, the parents did not know where their children were.

State police personnel and firefighters arrived at the scene to carry out the rescue work for the bodies, which were not found until seven o’clock at night by divers.

The staff of the State Attorney General and Forensic Medical Service also arrived on-site to conduct the corresponding investigation.

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