Two arrested for attempted kidnapping in Kanasín, Yucatán

Colonia Villa Oriente, Kanasín, Yucatán (Google)

KANASÍN, YUCATAN (June 12, 2020).- On Thursday afternoon, two men, one 44 and the other 54 years old were arrested in a property located in the Francisco Villa Oriente neighborhood of Kanasín for taking, with lies, a 13-year-old girl, with whom one of them pretended to have a “relationship”.

A couple of days ago, Geovanna U. E., also a resident of Kanasin, reported to the authorities the disappearance of the minor. After several investigations, the police learned that the minor was seen for the last time with a man identified as Eduardo S. D., who would have taken her to his home, taking advantage of the fact that the girl said her family had financial problems and promised to help her.

On Thursday the police arrived at the property where the minor was seen, in the Francisco Villa Oriente neighborhood, and managed to get her to safety without visible traces of any type of violence, according to the report.

Later they transferred the girl and her mother to the State Attorney General’s Office to file the corresponding complaints.

Olebario E. D., who had knowledge of the deception, was arrested at the same address and would have planned, along with Eduardo, the kidnapping of the minor who they knew, since her mother had worked in their house.

Versions indicate that both subjects intended to use the minor for sex work, but so far no official authority has confirmed that information.



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