Totalplay Internet fails in the Yucatan Peninsula

MERIDA Yucatan (Times Media Mexico) – TotalPlay users in the Yucatan Peninsula reported that their internet service has been intermittent for several days. Some claim that they have lost their connection to the network.

On social networks, Internet users in Merida and Cancun have expressed their discontent with the problems they have with surfing the Internet. Some indicate that the problems began last Friday. However, others report that it has been a week.

Besides, Twitter users point out that after several days of failures, they have not been informed about the reasons for the problem or when the service would be restored. To date, in social networks, the firm has not issued any communication about this. Some comment that it is a failure that affects several cities.

According to users, the answer they have obtained is that there are intermittences in the service and that they are working to solve it as soon as possible. However, they claim that the problems will take several days.
Others say that the company is giving maintenance to its lines at the peninsular level, but that they were not notified about it.