HAVE YOU SEEN HIM? Joaquin Sebastian Mutul Camara has been missing for 5 days (Photo: YA)

Relatives ask for help to locate Joaquín Sebastián Mutul Cámara, 18 years old, who disappeared last Sunday, June 14th, when he left the Yaxcopoil community, municipality of Umán, around 8 in the morning.

There are reports that they saw him walking across the Xtepén bridge, heading for Umán.

Joaquín is 1.65 meters (5″4) tall, slim complexion, with straight black hair.

Due to his drug addiction, on previous occasions, he has left his mother’s house, but after a few hours of hanging out with his friends in Umán, he returns to Yaxcopoil.

However, this time he has been missing for several days.

His mother reported his disappearance to family and friends, who began unsuccessfully searching for him in the usual places.

Seeing that he was not returning, the mother decided to notify the authorities, and they have already begun the search for the young man.

Joaquín’s photograph has been posted on social networks too.

If you have seen him, or have any information on his whereabouts, please call 999 190 1704. His mother is desperate.

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