State Government continues to gear up ambulances with high-tech equipment

Mérida (June 22, 2020).- Yucatan continues to equip ambulances from the Ministry of Health of Yucatan (SSY) with defibrillators, portable pulse oximeters, thermometers, and oxygen regulators.

The state government provided 12 defibrillators, 16 portable pulse oximeters, 12 thermometers to measure the temperature through the ear canal and 12 oxygen regulators, equipment that will allow the mobilization of patients without posing a risk to their health or treatment.

Oxygen regulators are devices that are connected to the supply cylinders and are used to control the flow of oxygen, through a valve that regulates the amount of oxygen and indicates the measurement of the output ranges.

A portable pulse oximeter is a small device that is placed at the tip of the fingers and provides an instant reading of the oxygen saturation levels in the blood of patients, preventing serious complications.

Defibrillators are essential instruments as they help monitor heart rate, blood pressure, restore the normal heart rate through an electric shock in case of cardiac arrest, while thermometers are necessary instruments to measure the body temperature of the patient.

From the first moment that this contingency arose in Yucatan, the state government has been acquiring more and better equipment for the ambulances property of the Ministry of Health of Yucatan (SSY), and, as proof of this, they have additionally provided the vehicles with 32 insulating capsules, 15 fans, and 24 oxygen tanks.