Sale of beer goes back to normal today in Merida and the rest of Yucatan

Starting today, Monday, June 29, the sale of beer and alcoholic beverages goes back to normal, that is, customers will be able to go to the points of sale and buy their beer there as they usually do.

There will be no restriction on the amount of beer that customers can buy.

Throughout the month of June, the sale of intoxicating drinks was carried out with the modality of home delivery, either through online platforms or directly with the store, but the companies had to be duly registered with the Institute of Mobility and Urban Development Territorial (IMDUT), in order to provide that type of service.

The home delivery service measure was established to avoid crowds at the points of sale, as happened in other states after the conclusion of the “dry law”.

In Yucatan, the dry law ended on May 31 at the state level, but some municipalities decided to extend it a little more.