Puppies found dead inside a plastic bag in Motul, Yucatán

MOTUL, YUCATAN (June 10, 2020).- As inhumane as it sounds, somebody in Motul threw a bunch of newborn puppies in a plastic bag, and into a puddle of water.

Unfortunately, all six puppies died drowned and suffocated inside the bag.

A man found the bag lying on Motul’s Calle 20, near the corner with Calle 35, near a party room, he heard the groans of one of the poor little animals, apparently one of them was still alive, but in the end, they all died.

On social networks, Marú Chale Pool denounced this criminal act “I feel pity, misfortune, and anger when I see this, the puppies had a terrible death. People must be aware of this situation, spay, and neuter their dogs.”

“I trust that the person who did this will pay dearly sooner or later, karma will get to him/her” Marú Chale stated on here FB post.

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