Progreso beaches are still closed to the public

Occupancy is just 30 percent, revealed the president of AMHY. Photo: (La jornada maya)

Progreso municipal authorities are working so that the economic reactivation can be carried out with the corresponding measures in favor of the so-called “new normal” and without risks.

PROGRESO, Yucatan.- Progreso will experience a different vacation period in the coming weeks. The local authorities are working so that the economic reactivation of the municipality can occur in the best possible conditions, and in accordance with the measures set by the Covid-19 traffic light.

In an interview, the mayor of Progreso, Julián Zacarías Curi, pointed out that the port is pending the conditions set by the state risk traffic light for the coronavirus, whose weekly update will give rise to the possibility of gradually reactivating the local economy, especially tourism-related businesses.

In the face of the holiday period, Zacarías Curi added that they will hold meetings with representatives of the port’s tourism sector to have an orderly reopening.

The points of view and proposals of the entire sector will be taken into consideration, with the aim of reopening in accordance with the conditions set by the state health authority regarding the pandemic.

Hotels and restaurants are already working
The mayor indicated that this week, hotels and restaurants have begun to work in the municipality taking the corresponding steps to regularization, as part of the so-called wave 1.

He recalled that hotels can operate at 10 percent capacity and only for work accommodation, while restaurants, beauty salons, barbershops and health clinics have limited activity to 25 percent of capacity and only by appointment.

Regarding the boardwalk, the Mayor clarified that it will not open yet, at least not this week.

For her part, the director of special events, Dulce Soberanis Gamboa, pointed out that since there is no reactivation date for non-essential services, the state government indications will be followed in order to comply with the measures set by the federal risk traffic light.

Given this, she invited business owners to be aware of the situation so that they can activate them as permitted.

On the subject, the director of the Municipal Police of Progreso, Emilio Raúl Caamal Gutiérrez, indicated that even with the entry into the new normal, after completing the national day of healthy distance, the population should take into account that the conditions of the pandemic, and the contagion situation have not changed.

The official urged residents and people who want to visit the port to keep a healthy distance, use face masks, wash their hands constantly and use antibacterial gel, as well as minimize mobility and avoid crowds.

Beaches without an opening date
Regarding the opening of beaches and tourist spaces, the chief of police indicated that there is not yet a date to lift the restrictions since these spaces are still considered as high-risk transmission sites, and an inadequate opening can cause new outbreaks.

He specified that when the authorities detect someone in these places, they will invite them to please withdraw from the site for their own safety, a situation that until now has been respected by citizens.

Caamal Gutiérrez asked the population to keep order and respect the recommended sanitary measures, with the aim of maintaining the health and well-being of themselves and their families.

The municipal authority recognized that the reactivation work of the municipality will be a complicated task, so very thoughtful decisions will have to be made to avoid opening the beaches prematurely or without the relevant regulations because that could make the situation get out of control.

For this reason, Mayor Julián Zacarías urged the population “not to lower their guard” on contingency measures. Continuing to take care of themselves to avoid more infections, make the sick recover and cut the transmission chain.