Police officer bleeds to death after being stabbed in Progreso

PROGRESO, YUCATAN (June 10, 2020) .- A Progreso municipal police officer bled to death after being slaughtered this morning by one or more unidentified suspects, who attacked him when the man was inside a guardhouse.

The agent was treacherously attacked straight to the jugular. He tried to go out and ask for help from a nearby store, but he fainted and bled to death.

The assault occurred around 2 in the morning, when the agent remained alone in the aforementioned booth, located on Calle 37 with 112 in Progreso’s Vicente Guerrero neighborhood.

The officer was caught unaware by his attackers, who wounded him with a knife to the neck, directly into the jugular.

According to local media, the police officer’s name has not been revealed, and there is a lot of secrecy surrounding the case.

Residents of the area who heard the noise caused by the assault called the emergency service 911 when they saw the police officer lying outside the booth.

Paramedics arrived at the place, only to confirm that the victim had no vital signs and had lost a lot of blood.

In other parts of Mexico, this would be business as usual, but in Yucatán, this is a totally unusual incident, and the citizenship demands to find the people responsible, so there can be justice for this police officer.