Police mobilization for kidnapping: mob wanted to lynch a teenager in Tizimín

TIZIMÍN, YUCATAN (June 17, 2020) .— Big mobilization of agents of the municipal and state police was registered yesterday morning on the corner of Calle 33 and Calle 30, in Tizimin’s La Huayita neighborhood, after two minors reported that their girl cousin was taken to the forest by “a subject”, according to the first versions of the case.

According to data collected, on Tuesday, June 16th, shortly after 11 in the morning, two kids who were near the invaded lands of that sector asked their neighbors for help, since, they indicated, their 13-year-old cousin was taken into the forest, against her will, by an unidentified suspect.

Residents of the area reported the events to the emergency number 911.

Municipal and state agents arrived at the site, who quickly conducted a search operation in the forest. Civilians joined the operation, as they feared for the integrity of the teenager.

After several minutes of searching, the girl’s whereabouts were found, she was in the company of a 15-year-old teenager.

The neighbors at first were angry and wanted to lynch the young man because they thought that he forcibly brought the girl into the bush to abuse her.

Both teens were taken to the municipal command, where they said that they have been dating for a few months, and then even confessed they intended to escape to Quintana Roo.

The case was made available to the Office of the Defense of Children and Families (Promedefa)



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