New rules for pedestrians in Downtown Merida are part of the “New Normal”

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN (June 11, 2020).- Among the measures of the so-called “new normal” (nueva normalidad), people should walk only to their right and will be guided by arrows that have been already placed on the sidewalks of downtown Mérida.

The measure has the purpose of taking care of the health of the Yucatecans and has been implemented by the Merida City Council, which since Wednesday began with the placement of arrows on several streets.

Through his social networks, the mayor Renán Barrera invited citizens who have to leave home to follow this new modality.

“Take care of your health, keep a healthy distance, and respect the indicators that we are placing on the streets of our city for pedestrians,” Renán Barrera said.

Now, if you have to go out, try to walk alone to the right and keep the healthy distance.