Mérida tunnel still flooded

Three weeks after the passage of the tropical storm “Cristóbal” through the Yucatan peninsula, the famous (or infamous) Paso Deprimido, which is the crossing of Prolongacion Paseo de Montejo and Circuito Colonias, continues totally flooded as a result of the increase in the flow of the phreatic level.

The controversial road system remains closed and flooded.

In an interview with local media, the Mérida City Council’s social communication office reiterated that the information in this regard is subject to the opinion that the College of Civil Engineers may provide on the state of the work and the possible alternatives for it.

Apparently pumping the water is not an option, as the water level is maintained despite efforts.

Long time Mérida residents told The Yucatan Times that there used to be a cenote, right there on that spot, not 20 or 30 years ago, the cenote was still there. So it was probably not such a great idea to build a tunnel there.