Mérida outlines its Maya Train Project plan

An analysis concluded that it is better to change the stroke to save construction time. (Photo: Shutterstock)

The Decentralized Municipal Public Organism for Operation and Administration (OPMD) of the Area Subject to the Ecological Conservation of the Cuxtal Natural Reserve, a protected natural area inside ​​the Municipality of Mérida presented to the Semarnat (Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources), the request for a Public Consultation that allows citizens to exercise their right of participation and to have the necessary information about the Tren Maya project, that will go through Mérida’s municipal territory.

The aforementioned, after the Semarnat published in its gazette on the 18th the Regional Modality Environmental Impact Manifestation (MIA-R) related to phase 1 of the Maya Train project, the Municipal Public Agency formally presented this request, on June 25th, for the sake of greater transparency and objectivity on the subject.

The request to carry out the public consultation is in the law, both in the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States and in the General Law of Ecological Balance and Environmental Protection in the Matter of Environmental Impact Assessment, which contemplate the public consultation figure within the Environmental Impact Assessment Procedure (PEIA).

The Municipal President of Mérida, Renán Barrera Concha, who serves as president of the Governing Board of the public body and his legal representative, Sandra García Peregrina underscore the commitment to assert the human rights of all Meridians to exercise their right to Citizen participation since work is the responsibility of the institution, but the planning of what is sought for Mérida’s society as a whole.

The request in question is raised having this vision of achieving a creative, inclusive, and innovative city, a benchmark in terms of sustainable development in economic, urban, cultural, social, and mobility aspects.

To carry out this consultation, the public body Reserva Cuxtal will invite citizens to exercise their right to participation and will make available to them the necessary information on this mechanism for citizen participation.

Likewise, once Sermarnat authorized the public consultation, the municipal authority would ask the experts for support for the review and pertinent comments on the aforementioned MIA-R.

It is necessary to highlight the importance and interest that the project supposes for the Merida population since, in this phase 1 of the Maya Train project, the proposed works and activities fall within the territorial circumscription of the municipality of Mérida, specifically section 3: Calkiní -ANP Cuxtal-Izamal, a route that passes through the Cuxtal Reserve Ecological Conservation Zone, as well as the works for the development of station 2 of said section.

The document related to this study can be consulted on the portal of the National Procedures System (SINAT) of the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources. The document is available under the code “04CA2020V0009”, which contains the MIA-R of the “Maya Train Phase 1” project labeled “Public Consultation”.

The City Council submitted the request for public consultation in due time and form since in accordance with the same Semarnat regulations, it was available 10 days after publication in the gazette.