Man dies in Tizimín’s addiction rehab center

TIZIMÍN, YUCATAN (June 25, 2020).- The death of Roy Jesús Mendoza Euán, 24 years old in a treatment center for people with addiction problems in Tizimin, shocked the local community, not only because of the strange circumstances that surrounded the death, but also because nobody knew that such an addiction treatment center operates in their municipality.

The residents of the Fovissste neighborhood saw police patrol cars, an ambulance, and experts from the Prosecutor’s Office in the house that operated as a shelter for people with alcoholism and drug addiction problems.

The property where Roy Mendoza’s body was located – on Calle 27, between 48 and 48-A, was immediately cordoned off with restrictive tapes, but it was the cries and screams of the relatives that caused anxiety and uncertainty around the place.

While the staff of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) carried out inquiries with the employees of the property, the person in charge and with next-door neighbors, the now widow was sobbing devastated on one of the park benches located in front of the rehabilitation center

“They killed him! I want to die too! They broke my heart! ”Exclaimed the woman.

The wait for the removal of the body was eternal for the family, as the investigations were not finished and there was a tense environment around the place.

The residents, from the door of their houses, commented that this tragedy was coming sooner or later.

Residents report that they heard how the night before people in the place were screaming for help.

As they indicated when they heard the news, they went out to find out what had happened, and at first, they thought it was a suicide, but then Roy Mendoza’s wife pointed out that her husband’s body had traces of torture.

They even pointed out that screams of pain were heard every day coming out of that house, and sometimes they smelled marijuana, mainly at night, and other times they saw people fleeing the place and walking through the park.

The witnesses indicated that the times that this happened they reported it to the Police, but they only showed up to talk with the administrator of the site, they even say that sometimes the person in charge of the place, whom they knew as “Matey” —Wílberth Medina Matey—, used to brag saying that he was close to the municipal authorities, so there was nothing they could do to him.

The inhabitants of the area, who are teachers, doctors, retirees, and professionals point out that they have been living in fear for three months and were even organizing to collect signatures and request the closure of the rehabilitation center, as they suspected that something bad was going to happen sooner or later.

Yesterday, after several hours of inquiries, municipal police detained three people who were taken in handcuffs and whose identity is unknown.

According to the official report, it was the father of Roy Mendoza, Melchor Mendoza, who at 6:20 in the morning reported to the Police that his son had ingested an overdose and that he had apparently died.

At the scene, Medina Matey told the officers that Roy Mendoza was upset the night before and he gave him “a pill” to calm him down.

He added that it was until 4 in the morning when his employees informed him that the patient was lying unconscious in his bed.

Until Wednesday, the municipal authorities were secretive about the case and did not provide information on whether the rehabilitation center had the corresponding permits or not.

As for the relatives, they indicated that just the day before yesterday, they decided to hospitalize the 24-year-old after he had a relapse due to addiction problems.