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Letter to AMLO from the “dignitary governor of the Maya Nation of Yucatan”

by Yucatan Times
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Mr. Felipe Neri Espinosa Herrera, who calls himself “the dignitary governor of the Maya Nation of Yucatan”, addressed a letter to President Lopez Obrador that says the following:

Dear Don Andrés Manuel López Obrador: We are aware that the 4T (Fourth transformation) has revealed the world and the Mexican people the six-year robberies and corruption in Mexico, committed by administrations previous to yours, in the three powers and levels of government in complicity with businessmen from Mexico and abroad.

That explains the fury unleashed against the politicians; however, most of us are on your side, to the end. For this reason, for the Maya Train project in the dignitary government of the Maya Nation of Yucatan 2019-2023, we join your effort in development policy, since we consider that this action drives the regional economy and could benefit the Mayan communities.

The Dignitary Government, which I received with the baton on January 12, 2020, for uses and customs in Acanceh, Yucatan, we request the following:

  1. — That no less than 80 percent of the workers, technicians, clerks, professionals, transport, lodging, food, and others, be hired among the original inhabitants of the Mayan nation.
  2. — That the materials to be used must be from the region, the company must acquire them here, with payment on delivery.
  3. — That at the time of operation of sections 3 and 4, the company must adhere to the following:

a) All establishments for public services, transportation, lodging, food and sale of handicrafts, as well as the rights to archaeological and recreational areas will be owned by young people, men, and women from the Mayan nation of Yucatan, who will be organized through the economic policy doctrine based on a cooperative system.

b) The company operating the Tren Maya tram system will pay the treasury of the government of the Mayan nation the right of way established by mutual agreement.

  1. — That you, Mr. President Lopez Obrador intervene in the act of institutionalization of the Mayan nation of Yucatan as an act of goodwill, for the recognition of the legal personality of the Mayan nation of Yucatan. (The letter was sent to the president’s office via Mexico Postal Service).

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