Lawyer who accused Mexico’s Sports Minister Ana Guevara of corruption is attacked by gunmen

The legal representative of a company that accused Ana Gabriela Guevara of extortion, and other members of his team, was shot in Boca del Río, Veracruz.

The incident took place on June 10, while the lawyer drove through the luxurious Costa de Oro neighborhood in an armored BMW.

The victim is Rafael Sánchez Caño, a legal representative for Cocinas Industriales Multifuncionales de Calidad S.A. de C.V. (CIMSA).

According to the lawyer, at least five vehicles were transporting gunmen, who chased him and shot him.

After the incident, authorities seized two vehicles. Witnesses said the criminals escaped.

Weeks ago, Sánchez Cano and Jesús Chaín denounced Ana Guevara, the head of Mexico’s Sports Commission (Conade), who allegedly demanded bribes in exchange for government contracts.

Accoding to the men, they met with Guevara, Sergio Monroy, Omar Hernández, and Armida Ramírez Corral in a resturant on July 2019.

Source: El Universal