In danger of closing 40% of Yucatan’s small businesses

Many businesses have not yet been able to open their doors. Yucatecan business leaders indicate that the Mipynes will not last three months with minimal activity.

MERIDA, Yucatán (Times Media Mexico) – If the economic recovery takes another month, 40 percent of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises will be in grave danger, warned Yucatán business leaders.

The president of the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Concanaco Servytur), José Manuel López Campos, stressed the importance for the productive sectors to adapt to the new reality after the pandemic. Companies will have to implement security mechanisms, prevention and apply health protocols, requiring in many cases to reinvent themselves, with creativity, innovation, and technology for the digitalization of processes.

López Campos assured that in order to face this challenge, economic resources and investments are required, which will need financing or capital contributions so that companies can be reactivated under the new conditions to maintain the production plant.

“In these times of crisis, fiscal and direct support must be given to companies so that they do not close down and workers’ payrolls are maintained.”

The business leader pointed out that the Covid-19 crisis affects the life of the business world and society, and in order to face it, there is a demand for flexible and timely financing to meet the health and post-health contingency.

For his part, the president of the Canacope, Jorge Cardeña Licona, indicated that the lack of liquidity, the increase in the number of unemployed, and the closing of micro-businesses caused sales in small shops and corner stores to begin to decrease by up to 60 percent.

He said that people no longer have the money to make their necessary purchases as they did at the beginning of the contingency, and those who can still buy, although they prefer the little shops to the big stores, are few.

We notice that fewer and fewer people have money to make their basic purchases, we have records that sales in small shops have already started to decline,” he said.



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