“If people say quit, I’m quitting the presidency.” – AMLO

Lopez Obrador reacted to #AmloVeteYa and recalled the revocation of the mandate, “We proposed it.”

MEXICO CITY (Times Media Mexico) – Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has stressed that his government’s opponents have the right to demonstrate, as they live in a democracy.

“I believe that they do, indeed, have the right to demonstrate. The difference between a dictatorship and a democracy is that in a democracy, freedom of expression of ideas, freedoms, and the right to dissent is guaranteed. I do not see any problem. I think that’s what democracy is like,” said the Mexican leader.

Lopez Obrador reiterated that the opposition is counting on the revocation of the mandate in 2022. The population will be asked if they want the president to continue or resign when he has questioned the march AmloVeteYa that a group of people made last weekend.

“We proposed the revocation of the mandate. The Constitution states that in 2022, the mandate could be revoked. It was agreed there would be a public consultation by 2022”.

“A question will be asked: Do you want the president to continue or resign? because people are in charge. People are the ones who decide in a democracy. If the people say that I should quit, I will leave the presidency. I cannot govern without the support of the citizens, Just because someone was elected for six years that person has to continue in office… imagine a president without popular support,” explained Lopez Obrador.



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