How Safe Is New York City Right Now? A Guide for Travelers Considering NYC

If you had an NYC trip planned, you may be wondering, “How safe is New York City right now?” We observe the current climate and provide honest insight here.

Between COVID-19 and the New York riots stemming from the police murder of George Floyd, New York City has seen better days.

For those who thought had a trip to the Big Apple planned for the summer, you may be wondering whether it’s safe to follow through on those travel plans. How safe is New York City? Read on for honest and accurate insight.

NYC is Already Reopening

One of the most promising signs for would-be travelers to New York City is the city beginning to reopen many different sections. NYC and regions across New York State are showing encouraging signs of recovery, and they are hoping for a safe, responsible citywide come back soon.

Mayor Deblasio has handled the crisis with poise and determination, much like his predecessor, mayor Fiorello Laguardia did in the 1930s during the Great Depression.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s New York Forward plan begins on June 8th. The program aims to reopen businesses by social distancing and implementing other precautions safely. Restrictions will take place by region based on several critical indicators of success.

Once a region meets all seven success indicators, businesses are allowed to reopen in phases. The first companies set to reopen are construction, manufacturing, and retailers who can offer curbside or in-store pickups. The last set of businesses to open are those in the entertainment and arts industry.

Regions are required to separate each phase by at least two weeks. This period coincides with the incubation period of COVID-19. The period allows officials to study statistics and decide whether continuing to the next phase is a good idea.

Reopening Phases

How safe is New York City? That depends on the success of each phase, preventing another dangerous spike of COVID-19.

Phase 1 – Wholesale trade, retail (curbside only), agriculture: fishing and hunting, construction

Phase 2 – Professional services, retail (full scale), administrative support, real estate, rental, and leasing offices

Phase 3 – Restaurants/food services

Phase 4 – Entertainment and arts, Education

How Safe Is New York City In Regards To the Riots

Mayor Deblasio issued a citywide curfew from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. effective until June 8th. If the unrest continues, however, the curfew may be extended.

A Few Notables

  • NYC’s nonessential businesses are still required to keep their employees working remotely.
  • Small gatherings of 10 people or less are now allowed as long as people obey social distancing principles.
  • An order from Governor Cuomo stipulates that all residents much wear face coverings in public whenever gathering with ten people or less. Mayor de Blasio also recommends New Yorkers use face coverings when outside of their homes.
  • To encourage social distancing, New York shut down 40 miles of streets. The expansion of walkways is excellent news for people looking to get outside and get a little fresh air. The city also widened bike lanes and intends to increase the availability to 100 miles to increase the open distance to 100 miles.

Traveling to New York City

If you’re asking, “how safe is New York City,” only time will tell. The verdict is still out on whether the measures the mayor and governor imposed will adequately contain the spread of COVID.



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