House burglary out of control in Progreso, Yucatán

PROGRESO, YUCATAN (June 19, 2020).– There is fear among families in Progreso’s Vicente Guerrero neighborhood, in the west of this city, because criminals, allegedly armed, break into houses, steal belongings and escape.

As reported on The Yucatan Times, one week ago, on Wednesday the 10th, the municipal police officer Luis Manuel Pacheco Chuc was stabbed to death in the police station on Calle 37 with 112, Vicente Guerrero neighborhood.

Neighbors from that part of the city, who asked to remain anonymous, said that after the murder of Pacheco Chuc, several houses in Vicente Guerrero had already been robbed.

Thieves break into houses in the late at night and steal electronic appliances and cash from families.

Complainers don’t stand to thieves because they are armed and will pull the trigger when discovered, as was the case with the agent.

A family went to the State Attorney General’s Office to report the theft of electronic equipment, that took in the early hours of Tuesday, June 16th, almost a week after the policeman’s murder.

According to residents of Colonia Vicente Guerrero, three home burglaries have been carried out from Wednesday 10th to Tuesday 16th, and people declare to be worried and in fear of being attacked by thieves who are stealing cell phones, computers, stereos, and other belongings.