Harvard scientist alerts for covid-19’s inefficient diagnosis in Mexico

More than 50% of those who test for Covid-19 are positive, says Harvard scientist

Epidemiologist and health economist Eric Feigl-Ding compared the positive cases of coronavirus in the country with those in cities such as New York, Madrid, and Lombardy and warned that the percentage of positivity in Covid-19 tests that Mexico would be experiencing is unprecedented.

This is because more than half of the tests performed are positive for the virus.

“I am crying for Mexico. More than 50% is the percentage of *POSITIVITY* More than half of all those who take a test are positive,” said the scientist on Twitter about the coronavirus cases.

Coronavirus June 21
Mexico reaches 21,825 deaths by Covid-19; there are 180,545 cases
The Harvard University scientist noted that the 56% positivity only reflects insufficient diagnosis and inadequate treatment, so he said more tests are needed.

Feigl-Ding, through his social network, highlighted the importance of the percentage of positivity, which should not only be based on tests. As an example, he pointed out the follow up carried out by South Korea, the country that used the follow up of contacts plus the tests carried out. Another approach he pointed out was the wastewater test, which was successful in Europe.